Make Your Life MagicalMake Your Life Magical is a book which shares how I went from being successful, to having everything collapse and then rebounding to even greater success. It is about how to go from where you are to where you want to go, about how to go from who you are today to who you would like to be in the future. It is about ancient teachings from the ways of the prophets and how to use these teachings in today’s world to create abundance, both financially and spiritually. It shares the teachings, philosophies and systems I used to create what for me is a very magical life. The book is actually part of a program that will also have modules available through a membership site which will be entertaining, educational and inspirational using magic (I was a professional magician for many years) to illustrate many of the points in the book. The modules will have in depth trainings of the principles taught in the book. The book will stand alone and the modules will be optional. If you would like to be among the first people to have availability of the book and/or the module and at an introductory price, please fill in the form below. Visit the magic page to watch some videos of one of my magic shows.

The Art of Abundance

Help Yourself by Helping Others

Learn how Tony built his TriVita group to over 200,000 people.Help Yourself by Helping Others


Walking in Awareness

A guide for Personal Growth through Network Marketing Tony Kent shares his life journey, transforming life into an adventure of growth. Walking in Awareness “This is a wonderfully honest, intimate journey with Tony as he explores life, network marketing and his own self-realization. A trip everyone should take.” —M.K.   “This powerful and passionate life story is truly inspirational. If you desire more personal growth and increased awareness of your personal life mission, while enjoying financial abundance, Walking in Awareness is the book to read.” L.B.
Topics covered within Walking in Awareness include:
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