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Our Mission

I appreciate you taking the time to come and visit. I am excited to share with you a bit about who I am, what I have done in my life and why I have created this program. By most people’s standards, my life is magical. I was an elite fashion photographer in France; created wealth through various business ventures and became financially independent, and enjoy loving relationships with my wife and children. 

What stands out about my “life resume” is how all this came about and what that can mean for anyone who I am able to work with.

As a young man, I dreamed of being a photographer. I had some skills, some natural gifts, but mostly I possessed a dream and pursued it with perseverance and dedication. On a shoestring budget, I stopped at nothing in order to achieve my dream. Years later I enjoyed the fruits of this persistence and dedication as I was the official photographer for Princess Grace, photographing Richard Nixon and other presidents, and a regular contributor for French Vogue, the quintessential magazine for fashion. 

I traveled in elite circles in the fashion, acting, and music world. What started as a dream had become my life work, I became known as one of the best photographers in the world. I had it all-or so I thought.

And then it fell apart.  

As my life unraveled, I found myself in despair. Years later I discovered that my life had been built on a shaky foundation. It had been based on self and ego rather than divine truth. I “crashed and burned” and was in a deep, dark pit.  The person who brought me through this time of darkness is a spiritual teacher (hidden from most in the West).  The ancient teachings from him created a solid foundation and transformed me. My spiritual connection to the Divine became the cornerstone of how I lived and moved in life.  As a result of my experience with these trans-formative teachings, I made it my mission to bring this teacher to the US. Over the last 15 years it has been my joy and honor to be his companion as he has traveled and taught all around the country.  

I want to help others live a life of freedom and help them to help themselves so they can live their dreams.

Empowered with spiritual principles, I rebuilt my life. I was attracted to network marketing because of the mathematics of leverage and the freedom it afforded.  

I was not an overnight success. 

I failed forward to success, learning from my mistakes, just as I did in becoming an elite photographer. This time I understood the power of spiritual principles applied to business which created a new foundation for my life of service and purpose.   My purpose is now to be of service in the world and help others help themselves in the same way (my teacher) had been helped me.

My spiritual teacher taught me that I should never be a slave to the material world, but that I should let the material world be a slave for me.

Applying these principles, I became a top million dollar producer in Cell Tech. As a result of this success, I traveled all over the country training and supporting people to build successful businesses by using these sacred teachings.

Through this experience I wrote my first book on how to build a business using spiritual principles. – Walking in Awareness: Personal Growth through Network Marketing

As an independent business owner in TriVita. I earned the top award in the company (Presidential Director) and was recognized as a “Million Dollar” award winner. (click here to watch acceptance speech). These sacred teachings helped me to grow personally and develop leadership skills, so I was able to grow my non profit to Presidential Director as well. It is the first non-profit to ever achieve this status in the company.

My first big success came with a company called Cell Tech where I reached their highest level, Double Diamond, as well and I was blessed to build a team which included 10 front level Double Diamonds as well. This included my non profit as well as my two oldest children.

Because energy flows along the path of least resistance, we must learn to look at the structures in our lives and change them if we want to change the flow of energy. By looking at, and honestly facing our current reality, we can then create structures that will advance us towards our desired outcomes.

We cannot build and contain an organization bigger than we are.

Being so successful in these companies has allowed me to put my business on auto-pilot so that I have the freedom to pursue additional things that are my heart’s desire. 

One of these is the non-profit which supports bringing my teacher, and the spiritual principles he teaches to many throughout the world. In addition, the non-profit helps to build primary schools for orphans. My life IS magical and blessed. However, what is unique is that I know that EVERY person has the same potential-to create a magical life.  Uniquely able to help others as a result of my own personal journey, I am dedicated to supporting people to find and live their life purpose. In the same way I learned to capture beauty in photography, the artist in me hones in on each person’s passion. I connect with each person I mentor, help them to manifest their divine purpose, the essence of their potential, and actualize this in their lives.

Once your purpose is discovered, the spiritual artist within, powerfully and intuitively guides you to discover and connect to your passion and bring it into your life.

What we earn is not a true measure of our wealth, it is what we give.

Thank you for sharing this time with me.


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