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Isn't It Time To Make Your Life Magical?

It's time to make your life magical.


“Tony Kent is a kind hearted friend and mentor, who leads by example. He is a caring, motivated, inspirational and hard-working team player. I am very fortunate to be part of his program

– Katharine C. 

Registered Nurse, Health Coach.


Tony Kent

tony kent
  • A multi million dollar earner and business leader now coaching and focused on getting results for his clients.

  • Author, Seminar Leader, 7-Figure Mentor, Teacher, Creator of "Make Your Life Magical" & Philanthropist

  • Founder/President of a Non Profit Organization that helps thousands of people & raised millions of dollars for the poor

  • Internationally acclaimed fashion photographer & professional magician  

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“We help you create real value in your life”


Tony has been making a difference in people’s lives, physically, emotionally and financially for many years,, not only in network marketing, but also in his work as the founder of a non- profit organization which has helped thousands of people. 


As an influencer with over 30 years experience Tony has earned millions from building an organization of over 397,000 people. He has a passion for helping others help themselves.


As the author of 4 motivational and spiritual books, Tony continues to be an inspirational role model to many around the world. If you’re serious about being an entrepreneur, let his stories of success, awareness and abundance guide your planning4

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Walking in Awareness

A guide for Personal Growth through Network Marketing – Tony Kent shares his life journey, transforming life into an adventure of growth.

“This is a wonderfully honest, intimate journey with Tony as he explores life, network marketing and his own self-realization. A trip everyone should take.” —M.K.

“This powerful and passionate life story is truly inspirational. If you desire more personal growth and increased awareness of your personal life mission, while enjoying financial abundance, Walking in Awareness is the book to read.” —L.B.  

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Make Your Life Magical: Creating Wealth From Within

Make Your Life Magical is a book which shares how I went from being successful, to having everything collapse and then rebounding to even greater success. It is about how to go from where you are to where you want to go, about how to go from who you are today to who you would like to be in the future. It is about ancient teachings from the ways of the prophets and how to use these teachings in today’s world to create abundance, both financially and spiritually. It shares the teachings, philosophies and systems I used to create what for me is a very magical life. The book is actually part of a program that will also have modules available through a membership site, which will be entertaining, educational and inspirational, using magic (I was a professional magician for many years) to illustrate many of the points in the book. The modules will have in depth training of the principles taught in the book. The book will stand alone and the modules will be optional. If you would like to be among the first people to have availability of the book and/or the module and at an introductory price, please fill in the form below. Visit the magic page to watch some videos of one of my magic shows.

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make your life magical

Help Yourself by Helping Others

How Tony went from almost being bankrupt to building an organization with TriVita that is now over 395,000 people. This story outlines the spiritual principles the author follows to attract abundance as well as the daily activities as well. Enlightening and inspirational for anyone wanting to build their own home-based business.

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My Journey To Know The Truth

Leading what appeared to be the ideal life, successful in business and happily married with four children, suddenly the author’s life fell apart. Broken-hearted, desperate and finding no answers from traditional therapy, Tony looked elsewhere. In Jerusalem, he met his guide, a man who taught him powerful spiritual practices based upon surrender to the love of God. This surrender eventually took him to the healing of his broken heart and the promise of a new life. In sharing his journey, and these teachings, may you also find healing for your heart.

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“Tony is an incredible mentor. He is passionate, fiery, loyal, and like getting a force of nature on your side. Ive learned an incredible amount from him.”

Jeff B


“After achieving great success, Tony Kent has dedicated his life to offering a wealth of information and opportunities to enable others to realize their own dreams.”

Andrew A


“Tony is a master at relationship building and a skilled coach in training any motivated individual to new levels of personal and financial greatness. I've personally known him for over 20 years and call him a great mentor”

Mark P


“Tony Kent is a kind hearted friend and mentor, who leads by example. He is a caring, motivated, inspirational and hard-working team player. I am very fortunate to be part of his program”

Katharine C